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Learn the fundamental rules for getting the attention of business owners and other copywriters online — and become the person they refer for $10k+ gigs.
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How do top copywriters REALLY get high-paying clients?

This is one of the most common questions I hear.There are tons of "methods" I've seen for getting clients, but the honest truth is that none of them are how any of the top copywriters I know got their initial clients (or continue to get new clients).In particular none of those methods are how they land valuable clients — the kind that gladly pay $10k+ per job.So how did they actually do it?I'll warn you, it's not sexy.Ready?
Simple: they networked.
In other words...
  • They put in the work at first to get at least decent at copywriting.
  • Then they simply put themselves in front of other copywriters and business owners.
  • That turned into someone offering them a job.
  • Which they completed while simultaneously continuing to learn and grow… getting better at their craft, learning how to increase their rates & set up the business, and so on... which led to more (and even better) clients.
  • Which cascaded into confidence & more jobs.
  • Repeat.
In other words, they had three systems working for them: a Learning System (continuously taking courses, finding mentors, and putting in practice to get better at their craft); a Delivery System (improving the speed and quality at which they can produce work for clients); and a Networking System (getting a consistent flow of new, high-value clients).For nearly every single case I've looked into, it looked like this.This is 100% how I got my first job.It's also how I got just about every job after.And it's absolutely how I got my highest-paying gigs.It wasn't deliberate at all. This is just how it happened.And every copywriter I know who's making a comfortable living with their work started the same way — again, almost entirely by accident.And it's still how they get their high-paying clients now.
And I'm not trying to point fingers here but anyone who claims to be making a comfortable living with any other method is either a liar — or an outlier.
I know the dream for most aspiring copywriters is to sign up for a job board like Upwork and have client work flood in without having to put yourself out there and meet people.And don't get me wrong — those job boards are great when you're starting out and looking for ANY work.In fact I highly recommend you go out and use them initially to get paid to "get your reps in" so to speak.The more copy you write, the better you'll get in a short period of time — and the more prepared you'll be for grabbing the higher-paying gigs when they come your way.But job boards aren't a long-term game plan because the higher-paying gigs are not on there.And that's for one simple reason...
Business owners with higher-paying gigs prefer to hire people they know, or people who know people they know.
This is just how the game is played.Job boards are often a last resort for them when their network isn't able to get them what they need.More often than not, though, they either:
  1. 1.
    Already know copywriters and offer them gigs
  2. 2.
    Meet a new copywriter and immediately offer them a gig
  3. 3.
    Or reach out to their network of fellow business owners asking, "Anyone know a good copywriter?"
There is a secret economy of $10k+ gigs, this is where they're hiding, and the only way in is to network your way in and become one of those people these business owners know (or be friends with someone they know).Again — this is just how the game works in the real world.Assuming you've developed the copy chops, it then becomes all about who you know, whether you like it or not.
But when you approach this right, it's actually pretty easy to get "in" (even if you're a total introvert).
It requires putting yourself out there, but it’s not bad.You choose how exposed you want to be. You don’t have to be on video, you don’t have to cultivate a social media following, and you don't have to be posting content anywhere.Of course, you can do those things. Lots of people do with huge success.But there are simpler, easier ways to go "straight to the source" and get the attention of decision makers...Without having to be loud and public with it.I'd like to show you how.
I want to teach you the copywriting Networking System I've used my entire career.
To be clear, this isn't "magic" in any way.It's literally the fundamental methods I used — and that I've observed every top copywriter I know using — to get in front of copywriters (who can refer you) and business owners (who either need your work, or who can refer you to their friends)...And to get them to know, like, and trust you immediately.Of course, you must also be constantly working on your Learning System (going through courses, working with mentors, putting in the reps) and Delivery System (actually delivering work). Networking means very little if you're not good at what you do and don't deliver top tier work.But if you've got those handled...And you're serious about finally "going pro" (and doing the same things other professionals are actively doing)...I'd like to help you.


Learn the fundamental rules for getting the attention of business owners and other copywriters online — and become the person they refer for work.

Anyone Can Get Their First Copywriting Client is a 2.5 hour video course designed to teach you the fundamental rules for getting the attention of business owners and other copywriters online — and becoming the person they refer for work.We cover:
  • How to brand yourself as a copywriter for hire (but not over-brand yourself and become that annoying entrepreneur everyone wants to avoid... this is much more subtle)
  • Where to go online — and what to do — to get the attention of business influencers who will happily refer work to you (creating a cascade effect landing new gigs)
  • How to scale your business as your reputation increases
  • How to do it all as a total introvert (sure you can become a super public social media influencer with a heavy posting schedule — but that's not how I did it and that's not what I'll teach you)
...and so much more.I need to stress that what's taught in this course isn't a "secret method" or a special technique that I invented.It's simply the fundamental "rules" of networking used by literally every successful copywriter I've met — the rules that the most successful just seem to intuitively know, yet no one else is ever taught.It doesn't require being an extreme extrovert constantly filming videos, making social media posts, and schmoozing at mixers.In fact it's almost the opposite — it's all about doing things "behind the scenes" (almost exclusively online) to get the attention of the right people, while branding yourself as a skilled copywriter for hire.And when you do it right... it's like magic.

You'll be exposed to the secret economy of consistent $10k+ gigs.
In full transparency, if you're just starting out, you won't be landing $10k+ gigs or anything close to them at first — that comes as your skill level and reputation increase. But as you get your reps in and follow my instructions, you'll quickly find those $10k+ gigs almost dropping into your lap — and they'll generally be easier to land than the scraps you're fighting for on job boards.
You'll take on only the gigs you want to take on.
I personally can only write "ethical" copy — for products that I deeply believe in, that are genuinely helping other people — and used this system in my career to brand myself as the "ethical copy guy". Maybe you prefer to only write for health products, or fitness products, or whatever — with these methods, you'll be able to brand yourself however you like and pick and choose the kind of gigs you take on.
You'll work almost exclusively with business owners who "get it".
The beauty of working with business owners who pay more, is that they also generally interfere less. They just want to hire a pro who'll work on their own, deliver top-tier work, and help them make more money. The methods in Anyone Can Get Their First Copywriting Client will expose you to the secret economy where these business owners operate.
If you want to build your career the same way most of today's top copywriters built their careers — this course will show you how.

About your instructor, Derek Johanson

I got my first copywriting client when an ex-business partner ran off and stopped doing work — and one of that ex-partner's clients reached out to me for help.Every client after that also came from seemingly "random" circumstances.But they weren't actually random at all.The truth is that as I was developing my copywriting skills, my network naturally led to opportunities.It's the same story for most top copywriters.And it's possible to deliberately develop that network — and get it to lead directly to high-paid copywriting gigs.This is what I teach in Anyone Can Get Their First Copywriting Client, and I hope to see you inside.-Derek

The course
Here's what's inside

Module 1
There's a lot of misinformation about client-getting. In this module I set you straight about how it actually plays out in the real world.
  • Some simple slap-you-in-the-face rules about how client-getting works in the real world
  • Why being in the right place at the right time is the name of the game — and how to always strategically place yourself there
  • How and why to build before you're ready

Module 2
Mise En Place
Mise en place is a simple cooking technique that means to have all your tools gathered and ready before you begin. We'll cover how this concept applies to getting clients in your freelance copywriting business.
  • The bare minimum 80/20 of tools you should be using every day to run your business
  • How to use those tools for maximum effectiveness
  • The quickest way to simplify your client-getting efforts

Module 3
The 80/20 of Client Attraction
At its core, client-getting is fairly straight forward. We'll walk through the essentials that every successful copywriter implements in their business to get clients.
  • The two simple engines that drive every successful freelance copywriting business
  • What your weekly hour breakdown should be at every stage of your business with regards to Networking, Learning, and Delivery
  • How to balance Networking, Learning, and Delivery as your business grows

Module 4
Modern Engagement
Engagement refers to how you actually find and speak to business owners, entrepreneurs, and copywriters who can refer you work. We'll cover the fundamentals rules for engagement.
  • How business owners think when they're looking to hire
  • The three primary ways to get in front of a business owner and be the person they give copy work to
  • The three types of people who will hand you regular copy work — and who to engage with the most

Module 5
Modern Outreach
Outreach refers to actually reaching out and getting the attention of business owners, entrepreneurs, and other copywriters when you don't have immediate access to them. We'll cover the rules of effective outreach that work every time.
  • Common outreach mistakes that nearly everyone makes
  • The rules of customer acquisition and converting prospects (business owners you're talking to) into paying clients
  • The “tells” that signal someone is ready to hire

Module 6
Simple Starter Strategy
In this module we'll put all the theory aside and get right to what you can do to get started today.
  • Every technique condensed into step-by-step actions
  • How to put the theory of the course into immediate practice
  • The bare minimum to get results now

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Knowing the rules of the game can change your life.
Some of the best life advice I've ever received is to find people who are successful exactly the way you want to be successful — and to just copy exactly what they did to get there.That's what I've put into Anyone Can Get Their First Copywriting Client.I'll be totally honest, it's not sexy.Most copywriters get into this career thinking they'll just magically get high-paying gigs with little effort.But the best copywriters in the world actually put effort into networking themselves into the right circles and branding themselves as top-tier copywriters for hire.Yes, they've put the work in to become great copywriters.But they put an equal amount of work into building their networks effectively.And if you want a similar career, you'll need to do the same.When you do it right, though, the payoff is extraordinary.You stop fighting for scraps on job boards, or wondering where you'll ever find your next gig — and you instead find yourself sometimes having to turn down gigs for lack of time.Which is why this course is a steal at a one time investment of $150.It'll be paid for 100x in the first few months implementing it.And if it doesn't work for you, get a refund within the next 30 days. You can start using it literally today and have results by the end of this week — so there'll be no question whether it's doing what I've promised.I look forward to seeing you inside.

Frequently asked questions
How soon will I get higher-paying ($10k+) gigs with this course?
I need to be very, very, very clear here.(This is how I am in the course as well — as bluntly honest as possible. Being dishonest or overpromising serves no one here.)You will only be landing gigs like this once you've "put in your reps" working lower-paid gigs.Business owners aren't dumb. They simply want to a) make more money, while b) not working harder than they need to.And they know if you've got the chops (and results) to back up a higher price tag.You won't be able to fake this.I'll show you how to get exposed to this network of people — but you'll need to put in your time before you start getting the higher-tier gigs (which I will also show you how to do).
Will this work if I'm brand new to copywriting?
Yes, this course was created with new copywriters in mind — but works for any copywriter at any level.The methods in this course are the fundamentals used by all the top copywriters I know to get in front of business owners and other copywriters — and become the person that gets work referred to them.You can use it at the beginning of your career — or you can use it as a grizzled veteran.The fundamentals will always be the fundamentals.
Do you offer a guarantee?
Yes! If implementing this course doesn't deliver everything I've promised on this page, just ask for a refund within the first 30 days of purchase. All I care is that the course works to get you clients you love working for.

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Start Getting Clients Today
The Fundamentals
Full Video Course
One time payment
You get immediate access to the full 2.5 hour video course and cheat sheets, including...
  • Mindset
  • Mise En Place
  • The 80/20 of Client Attraction
  • Modern Engagement
  • Modern Outreach
  • Simple Starter Strategy
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